Gas sale

Services for companies in the scope of gas fuel supply is our specialty. We have many years of experience in the Polish and foreign markets. Among our customers are both large industrial companies (steel mills, production plants), large companies from the agricultural and food sector (farms, meat processing plants) and small family businesses – bakeries or confectioneries.

We are distinguished by our individual approach and products, tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers.

If the most important for our customer’s business planning is the guarantee of stable price, we offer products, which secure its level during a given period.

When our customer’s business is characterized by high volatility, with a highly non-standard consumption profile, we can offer individually selected products based on the index of the Polish Power Exchange.

For those companies that want to benefit from the advantages of both systems – price security and index flexibility – we offer hybrid products.

We invite you to contact and cooperate – our advisors will prepare an individual and beneficial offer for you.



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